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Avaya IP Office R10.1 Service Pack 1 available now.




Avaya IP Office server edition, IP500v2, ERS3549GTS-PWR+, SBCE, 9611G, 9608G, 9641G

Frustrated because your Avaya IP Office isn't programmed or even
installed correctly? We can help with that!

We are certified and experienced with 300+ IP Offices installed.
We can provide expert on site or remote support.
We subcontact with many nationwide Avaya Business Partners
Authorized Avaya Reseller

Avaya IP Office has come a long way since first being introduced back in 2002. It certainly has come into its own and has been given awards. The most recent awards are:

  • Internet Telephony magazine has named Avaya IP Office 8.1 its 2012 Unified Communications Product of the Year. Selection was based on quality and excellence in addressing the real needs of small-to-midsize businesses.
  • Avaya IP Office Server Edition has been recognized for Exceptional Innovation. It was given a 2013 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award.

Who better to sell, program, install and train on Avaya IP Office than Bishop Computer. We've been around for all the different releases. We have technicians who are expert on the system and have knowledge of each release... Contact us today!


Do you need full resiliency and the ability to scale beyond 384 users at a single location or 1,000 users across 32 locations?
IP Office can scale up to 2,500 users and 150 sites.
IP Office Server Edition or IP Office Select may be just the solution for you.

IP Office R9.1 now at SP 12

IP Office R9.1 contains new and innovative features that enhance the user experience and user productivity, and simplify deployment, configuration, and management of the IP Office product.

What's new in the IP Office R9.1 release:

  • New premium product offering
    • IP Office “Select” (SE platform)
  • Cloud/Hosted IPO and IPOCC Security Enhancements
  • Mid Market
    • Scalability to 2500 users
    • Scalability to 150 sites
    • 100% UC for all 2500 users
    • Resiliency improvements
    • VM Ware HA
  • Branch – Enhanced Centralized Management and new Aura Solutions
    • Enhancements for Aura System Manager
    • Additional Aura Centralized Applications, Services, and Solutions
  • Contact Center – Mid-Market improvements
    • Expand addressable market
    • IPOCC 250 agents, single server
  • UC/Video
    • Web Collaboration
    • IP Office Video Softphone Receptionist Console NAT
    • Avaya Communicator
    • Lync Plug-In
    • Mobility Enhancements
    • Meet-Me Conference Scheduling with port reservation
  • Web Management – Continued Evolution to a single management tool
    • Expanded set of management capabilities
    • Improved performance and user experience
    • End-User management
    • Accessibility (508) for Day 2 admin
  • New Key Features – contributing to enabling full UC
    • UCM V2
    • DECT R4 resiliency
    • SIP trunk enhancements
    • SSL/VPN remote access and IPOSS improvements
    • Voice quality monitoring
  • Security
    • TLS and SRTP support for IP endpoints
    • Encryption of all H.323 traffic via Line, Trunk, and SCN
    • Security Enhancements to combat attacks & hacking/cracking attempts
  • NEW SIP Phone Models
    • Avaya B179 Conference Phone
    • Avaya E129 Deskphone
  • Platform Support:
    • IP500 V2
    • IP Office for Linux (Server Edition, Virtualized Server Edition, Select)
  • Release 9.1 will not be supported on IP500 (version 1) Control Unit (700417207)
  • IP400 hardware will be no longer supported with Release 9.1 ongoing with these exceptions:
    • Analog trunk 16
    • Digital Station V2: 16 and 30 port variants
    • Phone V2: 16 and 30 port variants


IP Office R10

What's new in Release 10?

Midmarket and Cloud (Server Edition and Select)

  • one-X® Portal Application Resiliency* (exclusive to IP office Select)
  • LDAP Synchronization for Server Edition
  • WebLM Centralized Licensing
  • Lower Footprint
  • T38 Fax protocol support on Server Edition
  • Capacity Enhancements
  • 32 Music on Hold Sources

(Customer Premise and Cloud, Essential & Preferred Editions, Server Edition, and Select)

  • Resiliency for SIP Endpoints
  • Reduction in configuration changes that require a reboot
  • Proactive Voice Quality Monitoring
  • Direct Media
  • H.323 Signaling Security
  • Avaya Communicator for Web
    • VM to Gmail and OAuth Authentication
  • H175 Video Collaboration Station
  • IP DECT R4 Edition 5
  • Web Collaboration Enhancements
  • UC Clients Enhancements
  • Open APIs/SDKs
    • WebRTC Connector, Location API
  • Enhancement Emergency Location Services (NG911/NG112)
  • Streamline Installation and Upgrades
  • SIP Trunk Enhancements
  • Expanded Web Manager functionality
  • Avaya Communicator for Microsoft Lync adds support for Skype for Business
  • On Another Call Notification

Customer Premise

  • Licensing Simplification
    • PLDS licensing
    • Centralized Server Edition / Select licensing
    • Upgrade/migration solution
  • Contact Center ACCS – 400 Agents
  • Branch Solution
    • SMGR Geo Redundancy
    • Expanded client support for centralized users



Avaya IP Office Collaboration Editions

Collaboration options tailored to fit your business needs

When it comes to business collaboration systems, one size does NOT fit all. Every company operates differently and has unique communication needs. The Avaya IP OfficeTM Platform provides you with options, so you can tailor your collaboration system to best fit your business requirements. When IP Office is deployed as an appliance, there are three collaboration editions to choose from that provide communications capabilities from basic to highly sophisticated. Brochure Fact Sheet Collaberation Editions

Basic Edition
Avaya IP Office Basic Edition is the ideal solution for small enterprises to add more productivity with a professional touch. IP Office Basic Edition delivers what small and growing businesses need most in today’s competitive environment with the flexibility, sophistication and expandability of our award-winning IP Office.

• Embedded voicemail – A range of choices that enable staff to stay connected regardless of where they are. Retrieve voicemail messages from the keypad on any telephone or through the context-sensitive display on an Avaya display phone.

• Voicemail to email – Retrieve voice messages via email (voice messages show up just like an email) from a single inbox for fast and efficient access to information.

• Call forwarding – Forward calls to your office directly to your mobile or home phone so calls are never missed, even when out of the office.

• Messaging, conferencing, and more – Automatically receive notification and listen to voice messages when out of the office. Quickly set up ad hoc conference calls with up to 64 participants to enable cost-effective collaboration.

• Automated attendant – Customized caller greetings so key clients receive a personal message and are routed directly to the most appropriate person or team.

Essential Edition
The IP Office Essential Edition is the ideal foundation upon which to build your IP Office solution. Providing the necessary mobility, call handling and routing functionality for IP Office, Essential Edition helps ensure small businesses have the communications tools they need to operate effectively and efficiently.

With capabilities such as one number access, caller ID, dial-by-name, automated attendants, conferencing, voicemail, and more, Essential Edition adds to the functionality of Basic Edition to provide the “must haves” small businesses need to enhance their communications with customers and colleagues and streamline their operations.

• One number access - Provide callers with just the office phone number; have calls ring simultaneously on your mobile phone while still maintaining IP Office voicemail support. This helps reduce missed calls, maintaining a consistent experience for callers.

• Dial by name/extension – Callers can easily reach the person they want to connect with by simply typing the name or extension on their phone keypad.

• Automated-attendants – Program up to 40 automated attendants (maximum 6 simultaneous calls) to handle almost any customer situation. Customize caller greetings so key clients receive a personal message and are routed directly to the most appropriate person or team.

Preferred Edition
IP Office Preferred Edition delivers intelligent communications capabilities that enable staff to collaborate easily and respond quickly to customers and colleagues. With Preferred Edition, businesses can use communications to establish a competitive edge – through intelligent call routing, powerful mobility, intuitive web control, sophisticated messaging, and application integration. IP Office Preferred Edition enhances all the capabilities of Essential Edition and much more.

• Multi-channel contact center – Extends Avaya innovation in contact centers to midsize businesses, giving them the sophisticated capabilities they need in an easy-to-deploy and manage application. Enable your customers to contact you via voice, email, web chat, and fax, and proactively manage the entire customer interaction lifecycle, which can translate into more satisfied customers and a more profitable business.

• Web-based access for office collaboration – Click to make and receive calls; point and click call control; federated presence and IM; control audio conferences; personal, system and corporate directory access, and visual voicemail.

• Rich collaboration for remote workers – Turn home phones (or any other phone) into office phones with the click of a button from a web browser, while maintaining a consistent caller experience. Stay connected to your colleagues with IM, presence, and directory access just as if you were in the office. All with no end-user software to install or maintain.

• Mobile access for office collaboration – Extend office phones to Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. Choose the most effective method using cellular, WiFi, or 3G/4G networks. IM, presence, directory, and conference controls are integrated into the application for complete control. Even better, a simple tap in an email is all it takes to download, install, and configure the application on smartphones.

• Secure “Meet Me” conferencing – Built-in 128-party conferencing means all users can host their own password-protected conference bridge (up to 64-parties per conference) to enhance collaboration. Host a multitude of calls simultaneously. Or, schedule them in advance and let IP Office notify participants automatically.

• Integrated collaboration – Effective communication goes beyond voice. The ability to share and view documents together in real time takes audio conferences to the next level for better communication and faster decision making. The meeting host can even schedule the call and IP Office will remind the users when the meeting is about to start. All of this is possible without the need for additional hardware or external systems.

• Integrate with the applications your business already has – If your company uses Microsoft Lync or Outlook, or uses, then Avaya IP Office can embed communications within them while maintaining the application’s interface and experience.

• Call Recording – Recording of incoming or outgoing calls is built-in. Set the frequency of recorded calls (all calls, a percentage of calls), or push a button to record calls on-demand. Send recordings directly to voice/email mailboxes for forwarding via email.

• Call recording archival and retrieval – Call recording can positively impact customer service and revenue. It can also enable more meaningful training sessions. Calls can be easily and securely retrieved from any PC by searching on any number of fields such as date, time and extension number. They can also be archived to a storage device such as DVD.

No more Advanced Edition in R9.1.
Last available on R9.0

  • Advanced Edition customers will continue to have the 8 ports of TTS and Contact Recorder enabled on their upgraded system.
  • CCR will not function after the upgrade to 9.1.
  • IPOCC: IP Office Contact Center and ACCS: Avaya Contact Center Select are available billable options instead of CCR.

IP Office User Solutions Basic User, Office Worker and Power User

IP Office Server Edition
IP Office Server Edition is the ideal solution for midsize businesses, delivering intelligent Unified Communications, scalable growth and seamless management. Server Edition enables businesses to quickly and easily add users to an existing office or even connect a remote office, all from the central HQ. A Linux server is the heart of Server Edition, running IP Office software, Voice Messaging and Unified Communications (Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office). Server Edition delivers true Centralized Management and Licensing for all users, across all locations, in one, intuitive, web Interface. Brochure Fact Sheet

Avaya IP Office™ Select
As your midsize business grows, so does your need for more sophisticated and powerful communications – enabling your teams to engage in more productive and efficient ways and elevating customer engagement to more satisfying levels. You’ll want a solution that expands easily and costeffectively where and when you need it to. That offers rock-solid reliability and security. A system that allows you to deliver all that without putting your limited IT resources to the test. Brochure Fact Sheet

Below are some highlights of IP Office R9.1 Server Edition and IP Office Select capacity enhancements

R9.0/R9.1 Server Edition
R9.1 Select
Solution Users
Users on single server
UC Users
VM Ports
Solution VM Ports
Recording Channels
Paging Group Size
Hunt Groups
Conference Channels
Soft Console












NEW for IP Office R10
Avaya H175 Brochure

Avaya H175




4600/5600 phones not supported on IP Office R10
5410/5420 phones not supported on IP Office R10













Avaya IP Office R10
IP Office sales and technical support, is our expertise.
It's always interesting to see what situations or problems that we can help with. Troubleshooting intelligently as to why a system or programmiing is acting the way it is, is how we work. That took a lot of IP Office installation experience and of course, certification.

A lot of the time issues occur is because it is the way a system was programmed. There are so many IP Office programmers out there that are "expert" but really don't know how to program properly. That would entail no errors or programming that actually goes somewhere. A lot of programming we've seen is just all over the place. Time to clean it up.

Sometimes issues aren't really issues and it boils down to the fact that IP Office doesn't always work the way an old PBX works. That's where training comes in. Learning to work with IP Office and the newer technologies will help you grow your business.

Do you have employees / offices in different states or even countries? Do you have remote workers that work from home? It's time to grow and Bishop Computer is here to help.

We do a lot of remote support as well as on site IP Office help in the Chicago and lower Wisconsin areas. Call
847-781-9475 or email for a support appointment.

Buy equipment only from an authorized Avaya Business Partner. Check the Avaya Business Partner Locator Put Chicago in the City area, check the Partner Name Box and type Bishop and enter. There we are. Many people claim to be business partners. It only takes a moment to verify.

Email or call with any questions!

Avaya IP Office R10.1
available now!

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avaya 9508

9508 Digital Phone - no labels
9500 Series User Guide






Avaya 9641G IP phone

9641G IP Phone
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161 6 IP Phone
1608 IP Phone
1608/1616 User Guide


1616 IP Phone with button module 32bm
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B179 SIP Conference Phone
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E129 SIP Phone
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