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Experienced and Certified, a Winning Combination!

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Uniquely qualified on Avaya telephone systems, network infrastructure, structured cabling and more.


We support many Avaya Business Partners nationwide.

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Schaumburg, IL
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Onsite areas served:

  • Illinois Chicago area
  • Lower Wisconsin Milwaukee to Madison areas

Nationwide technical remote phone support

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Qualifications & Experience

BCC has been in business since March of 1994. We opened our doors as a mainframe service provider, as well as a manufacturer of mainframe memory. We exited the mainframe industry in the late 90's. We now sell and support network infrastructure, Avaya telephone systems and structured cabling. Through the years, Bishop Computer Technical Services has carefully established a sterling reputation for our service and products. We always get the job done correctly, making ourselves and our contractors look good.

We have managed projects from designing data centers, handling large installations of mainframes to PC's, as well as building servers and mainframes from component level. Experienced and certified in Avaya telephone systems as well as Microsoft networking. Known as troubleshooters, we can swiftly diagnose a course of action.

Experienced and Certified - a winning combination!

Network Infrastructure expertise

In the late 90's we were getting network experience and were Microsoft certified in 2000. Bishop Computer was a true convergence company before many jumped on the bandwagon. Still to this day, there are many companies who are phone tech people (voice) or network people (data). By network, we mean network infrastructure. The core components: routers, switches, servers, cabling, etc. There's been many a PC tech that calls themselves a network technician. Go to our Network Infrastructure page for more detail.

Convergence (voice~data) expertise:

  • Authorized Avaya Business Partner
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A credential report can be sent to you verifying certification from Avaya. Don't just take someone's word that they are certified.

  • Certified personnel on staff: APSS-SME AVAYA Professional Sales Specialists,
    ACSS-SME AVAYA Certified Solutions Specialist, AIPS-Avaya Implementaion Professional Specialist, SSCA - SIP School Certified Associate
    Avaya Professional Sales Specialist
    Avaya Certified Support Specialist
    Avaya ACIS
    SSCA - The SIP School Certified Associate
  • Pre-installation site inspection report, install, and client configuration of Avaya / Lucent Definity, Merlin, Partner, and IP Office phone systems.
  • Provide installs, cabling, programming and on-site training of Avaya phone systems.
    • Avaya Products installed:
      • IP Office
      • IPO Voicemail Pro
      • Merlin Magix / Legend
      • Merlin Messaging
      • Partner systems
      • ERS 2500 / 3500 / 3600 / 4800 series switches
  • Provide remote support on Avaya telephone systems.
  • Provide installs and cabling of videoconferencing equipment for nationwide contractors
  • Provide local network and repair services, including installation of various switches, hubs, routers for nationwide contractors.
  • Installed the following data products:
    • Adtran
    • Extreme Networks
    • Sonicwall
    • Avaya

Extreme Networks Authorized Partner Extreme Networks Partner

Dell Partner

Project Management:

  • Pre-site inspection
  • Documentation
  • Cabling
  • Avaya telephone systems
  • Network services
  • Videoconferencing
  • IQMS ERP Installations
  • Equipment relocation services: Cabling, network and Avaya phone system relocations

Cabling expertise:

  • Built cable test fixtures according to customer spec for Lucent Technologies.
  • Designed and manufactured intricate cable assemblies for the gaming industry.
  • Built ribbon cable assemblies for a local international printer manufacturer, when there was an overflow of business.
  • Installation of structured cabling, network and telephone to customer specifications - copper and fiber.

Mainframe expertise:

  • Designed and manufactured quality OEM memory for the IBM 9121 Mainframe with over 100GBs installed internationally, with only 1 card failure out in the field, which is a phenominal MTBF (mean time between failures)! Bishop Computer never sacrifices quality for cheap parts. The educational field has utilized our cost-effective, reliable memory the most. An Illinois university had 6GB alone in their mainframes.
  • Configured, staged, tested, repaired, upgraded, and installed 3090, 9121, 9021, 9672, and 2003 systems, as well as IBM DASD and printers equipment, for nationwide Brokers / Lessors.
  • Designed and implemented the installations and de-installations of large computer rooms - from mainframes to PC's and peripherals.
  • As of 2005, we only provide de-install services for mainframe equipment

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