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Experienced and Certified, a Winning Combination!
APSS-Avaya IP Office Contact Center
APDS-Avaya Professional Design Specialist for Avaya Contact Center Select

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Avaya IP Office Installation
IP Office Programming

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Avaya IP Office Telephone Systems
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IP Office 24 hour technical support service.



IP Office R10 available NOW!

Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series
Perfect with with IP Office!


Avaya 9641G

Technical remote phone support for Avaya phone systems available... [more]










Schaumburg, IL
(847) 781-9475


Onsite areas served:

  • Illinois Chicago area
  • Lower Wisconsin Milwaukee to Madison areas

Nationwide technical remote phone support

Avaya IP Office implementation


IP Office System Installation and Programming


IP Office Installation

Always buy from an Authorized Avaya Business Partner and make sure your installation and / or service is done by a certified technician.

We have an Avaya Certified Solutions Specialist - ACSS - SME on staff who can help with your IP Office installation programming service support training and maintenance.


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IP Office Installation

We're an authorized Avaya Business Partner and Reseller, and we are certified to install, program, service and support the IP Office phone system. We've installed 300+ IP Office systems and serviced 1000+ systems.

From site survey to sales to preprogramming to installation to training to cutover to your phone line/Internet provider, come to Bishop Computer. We are Avaya IP Office installation experts.

A good installation of IP Office is implemented from a well laid out plan. Be wary of installers who are rushed. Especially those that don't want to provide training.

  • Site survey readiness check
  • Review alternatives to connecting IP Office
  • Decision: phone closet or data room/rack
  • Extending the “Demarc” to the IP Office
  • Is a switch “data” port available for the IP Office system, Voicemail Pro PC?
  • Will a VLAN be configured?
  • Is the Infrastructure, Core Switches QoS capable?
  • Is it ready for VoIP traffic? Network Assessment needs to be completed.
  • VPN, connect remote site(s) or users phones to the LAN.
  • Is your VPN appliance supported?
  • Voicemail: Embedded (Essential) vs VMPRo (Preferred) editions, what is right for you?
  • Phone Manager Pro (PNP) or One-X Portal?
  • SCN, are you thinking of how to connect your offices together, efficiently?

IP Office System Programming
IP Office Voicemail programming

We can help with:

  • Programming IP Office system
  • Programming IP Office Voicemail Pro
  • Programming IP Office Embedded Voicemail
  • Programming IP Office Call Flows
  • Programming IP Office VPN Phones
  • Diagnosing a problem


Be prepared for the most excellent phone system available to help your company grow!
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Bishop Computer provides technical remote service support (as well as onsite installation, programming, training, service & support in the Chicago to lower Wisconsin areas). We've installed over 300+ IP Office systems and serviced many more.

We can help with:

  • Installation
  • Diagnosing a problem on your IP Office system
  • Upgrading IP Office
  • Programming IP Office system & voicemail
  • IP Office Training
  • Network Infrastructure related to phones including QoS and VoIP


Experienced and Certified - a winning combination!

A credential report can be sent to you verifying certification from Avaya. Don't just take someone's word that they are certified.

Avaya Professional Sales Specialist -APSS
Avaya Certified Implementaion Specialist
APDS-Avaya Contact Center Select
SSCA - SIP School Certified Associate


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