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Avaya IP Office Telephone System

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Avaya IP Office Telephone Systems
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Which Nortel phones work on IP Office?
Which Partner phones work on IP Office?

Bishop Computer has been a mainstream Avaya shop, working extensively with the IP Office, Merlin Legend / Magix and Partner systems for the past 10+ years. We are experienced and certified. With this knowledge we can provide customers with answers and proposals to upgrade or migrate their current systems to the Avaya IP Office platforms. Some of the legacy systems we have worked on are:

  • Spirit 308 / 616 224 / 2448 We actually have one of these! We got it from a client when we upgraded them to a Partner ACS.
  • Partner / Partner II /Partner Plus / Partner ACS / Partner SOE
  • Merlin 206, 410, 830, 1030 & 3070, supports by model number, from 2 lines, 06 extensions to 30 lines and 70 extensions. 1985 --The systems had basic functions [built-in] but enhanced features were available thru plug in modules [feature sets].
  • Merlin II 1988
  • Merlin Plus Which developed as the predecessor to the Legend system. Had capabilities for up to 56 lines and 72 stations.
  • Merlin Legend 1.0 - 7.1 First release in 1991 could not install a PRI card until release 3.0 - Recently,we had to upgrade a site from a Release 1.1 to a release 7 (they had about 75 BIS phones ) in order for them to use a T1 card for connecting to Comcast. It took 3 hours to get the old config over to the R7 (didn't help that the 1200 baud connection to the old system kept crashing. Finally when everything was up, we could install the 100D card but, Comcast couldn't figure out that they had to change the PRI "protocol" on their end to a 5E.
  • Merlin Magix 1.0 - 4.0 Introduced October 1999. The redesign was regarded to be a Legend release 8, however with the metal chassis and sleek card design, it became marketed as the new "Magix" system.
  • IP Office 403, 406v1, 406v2, 412, 500v1 Earlier models of the now current system IP500v2

We find it amazing that these older systems are still installed and working out there. A testament to the quality and design of their time! We bought (2) Partner 206 cards back in 1993 of which, one of the cards is still working at a client site. The other card was damaged by water or it too might still be in service. But many of these systems are way past their prime, and starting to fail. It's time to look at a new phone system, and the IP Office is a perfect fit!

It's not always in the budget to go to a new system, but it may be a very good option to maintain part of your past investment. If an upgrade is being considered, you might be able to use certain phones from your old system and use them on a new IP Office platform. Then replace the older phones with newer, feature-rich phones when you're able. Take a look at what phones you do have, and let's see if we can get you to step into the wonderful world of IP Office, one step at a time!

Partner ACS & Nortel Phones that can be used on Avaya IP Office R 11.0

For those with Partner ACS systems or Partner ACS phones, those phones can be reused on IP 500 v2 models with the "Basic Edition" release and protect the investment made on the Partner phones.

Partner ACS Phones: 6D, 18D and 34D

PARTNER Version ETR Phone User Guide

Partner phones that will work on IP Office

Partner ACS "Euro" Phones: 6B, 18B, 18D and 34D

PARTNER Version ETR Phone User Guide

Partner Euro type phones that will work on IP office


Nortel Phones: T7000, T7100, T7208, T7316, T7316E, T7406, T7406E, ACU


Nortel T7316E, T7208, T7100 and T7000 phones will work on Avaya IP Office

Nortel Phones: M7100, M7100N, M7208, M7208N, M7310, M7310N, M7324, M7324N


Nortel M-series phones

IP Phones: 1100 series: 1120E and 1140E plus Key Expansion module

1120e and 1140e IP phones
1200 series: 1220 and 1230 plus both Key Expansion modules.
1200 Series User Guide
1220 and 1230

Experienced and Certified - a winning combination!

Avaya Certified Solutions Specialist on staff to help with your IP Office
installation programming service support training and maintenance
IP Office VPN

Bishop Computer provides technical remote service support (as well as onsite service support in the Chicago to lower Wisconsin areas). We've installed over 300+ IP Office systems and serviced many more.

We can help with:
Diagnosing a problem on your IP Office system
Upgrading IP Office
Programming IP Office system & voicemail
IP Office Training

Network Infrastructure related to phones including QoS and VoIP






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